What’s over there? A great non-academic job?

Yes, yes, it’s another leaving academia blog (and isn’t it curious how many of those seem to be coming out of the woodwork…). A little about me, to give you an idea what this is all about:

  • I’m a research post-doc in the social sciences. I have about a year left on my contract and after that, I want out. I’d actually prefer to get the hell out sooner, but I want to see my current project through.
  • I’m a Type 1 leaver – I am making the choice to leave, despite being groomed by my current university to stay on for the longer term.
  • In addition to my academic work, I’ve worked in the public and private sectors and know that there are good jobs out there which don’t have much of the bad stuff that is inherent to academia. This is one of the spurs to get the hell out.
  • Because of my work background, I’m pretty confident that I’ve got the skillz to find good work (and a good career!) somewhere else. The challenge at the moment is: what will that be?

I have no idea if anyone will read this at all, but I thought it would be both a useful place to keep track of what I’m doing (and reminding myself why I want out), and also a useful resource to other folks in a similar situation.