I’ll start updating my LinkedIn profile in just….a….minutezzzzzzzzz

I work better to deadlines; they sharpen my porcine brain and give me something to aim for. So having a 11-month (and ticking down) deadline until I leave is good; on the other hand, what shall I do in the meantime?

This isn’t as facetious a question as it sounds. By the nature of academic work I have a lot of “slack time” built into my contract in which I’m expected to go to conferences, write papers and do all the other preparational things necessary for a glorious career in the academy; as well as the actual research itself. But what if I don’t want to stay here…?

I could in theory spend the next while sitting on my bum, but I don’t think that’s going to solve anything. I could also spend it networking frantically outside the academy but it feels a bit early to start doing that. I also don’t want to slack back on the writing as it would be good to get out of here with a reasonably solid CV and nice set of publication just in case of, um. Something.

So – these are my thoughts about what I should get done by the beginning of fall 2013. I know I’ve got a few new people reading this now – hello! – so if you have any extra thoughts I would love to hear them.

To leave the academy in style:

  • Finish my current project to the best of my abilities
  • Write up as much as I can, focusing on work that will be interesting to the ‘outside world’
  • …er

To run screaming from the academy:

  • Get my LinkedIn shipshape and non-academic
  • Slowly start to set up the contacts with folk in the ‘outside world’ for chats about what could come next
  • Start to build portfolio for potential New Project….
  • Draw more attention to myself (my other, non-piglety self) via social media.
  • ….er