True fact! Miuccia Prada (who may or may not have designed these wellies) has a doctorate in political science.

Hello folks – a longer post is coming but for now, have some more related links. First up, a discussion of all the things that are going wrong in the current system:

Freelance, part-time or fixed-term: Career options for academics. A discussion in the Guardian, following the Birmingham debacle, reflecting what is happening in UK universities and also making the salient point that the shift away from permanent jobs is also affecting support and admin staff.

The Postgraduate Workers Association. Working with the UCU and NUS to ensure fair conditions for postgrad students.

What about the authors who can’t pay?. Why the UK government’s embrace of ‘gold standard’ open access is – surprise – going to harm PhD students and early career researchers the most.

And, to stop you all throwing yourselves into a river (of tears), some more upbeat stories:

Doctor Twenty-Seven is another ex-academic who left the tenure track for life as a staff scientist in NY (jealous! but inspirational!), and writes about the old and new life; what I like is that ze is also clear that industry itself is not a land of milk and honey.

Gillian Tett is the US managing editor of the Financial Times, has a PhD in social/cultural anthropology, and is amazing. This is an interview with her from 4 years ago where she talks about the link between her research and her journalism.

Danah Boyd, the super-famous researcher who does work on young people and digital technologies, talking about her life at Microsoft Research. I’m not sure whether she counts as a non-academic as she currently holds positions in both universities and industry, but it’s an interesting read (and as a social scientist, has given me lots to think about and plan)