The Olympics are still on for another few days!

Man, the good stuff is just rolling in at the moment AND we Brits have a ton of Golds in the Olympics (sorry any Australians who are reading). Have a little light summer reading:

What we must demand of our colleges – This is a powerhouse of a rant from Adjunct Rebellion wrapped up in a list of questions which all parents should ask of the colleges which will take their kids. Where do the tuition fees go? Are undergrads guaranteed full access to their professors on campus? What percentage of classes will be taught by full-time faculty? I would love to see a) a UK version which b) was distributed to every student with their UCAS handbook.

– Unpaid research assistantships are back in the news again! This time it was UCL who advertised the nae-monies post before pulling it after 30 minutes. Ben Goldacre captured the document before it went down and taken up the response from UCL; and Martin Eve has written a good piece in the Guardian about just why these positions are so iniquitous.

– In related news, the Times Higher reports on what we all know: that there’s a backlog of senior academics in the system who will not die are creating a bottleneck which limits the number of younger staff who can get jobs. In the comments, Professor Biggins Sorn earns a special type of hellbiscuit for suggesting that there is an ‘entitlement culture’ around those young academics who actually imagine that having invested so much time and money into the system that it might reward them in some way? Fie on you Professor BS.

#ECRChat is a Twitter chat for early career researchers that takes place every Thursday at 11am-12pm GMT. Last week’s theme was ‘Careers Outside Academia’ which just EXPLODED – the host, Sarah-Louise Quinnell summarises here, and there is also a Storify of the whole thing. I hope they return to the topic again given the horrendous job stats summarised above.