Emotional exhaustion, piglet style

Apologies for the radio silence; life at Piglet Towers has been full of Life Events as I believe Psychologies magazine would have them. Some have been good, some bad, and none I will describe in particular detail. One major upshot has been that Potential New Career will have to be put back a year, at least, if I even choose to go for it. This has suddenly opened up the horizon again which would have me spinning like a panicked dervish…

…except that, because of the impact of some of the Life Events I have spent the past couple of weeks in a daze. At the point, some months back, when I decided to say “Aha ha ha academia, nuts to you” I felt some kind of careless lightness – that all the things I had been worried about, like publications and research grants, were meaningless and lifted away. I’ve now been feeling like that about pretty much everything; all the postacademic job and direction fears have just gone floated out of the window. It’s not ideal – my productivity has not been super as I’ve spent most of my time in work doing the 5-mile stare at the computer, or shuffling through various videos of Paralympic events. Whilst I would not wish for the world that the worst of the Life Events be repeated again anytime soon, I am hoping to capture some of this bubble-state in which I am actually pretty calm about the future because everything will be OK, in some way for when my adrenal glands start working again

(If you’re wondering just what it’s like inside my head right now, go into a cool dark room, cover yourself in a sheet and listen to this on loop).

A couple of links to keep you busy until next time (one of these things is not like the other):

–       New Kid on the Hallway is a former academic turned lawyer who made the career after (I think?) being denied tenure. She has some interesting perspectives on what it’s like going back from professor to student again.

–       An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education made me realize that one reason why there is so little transparent information about post-PhD careers is that there is no centralized body gathering that data in the US. In the UK we have Vitae which isn’t perfect but is better than nothing.

–  A short video of a piglet enjoying a warm bath.