I promise to write again before the autumn’s over!

Sorry for the radio silence – that little bubble of calm did eventually subside, only to be replaced with a bigger bubble of work. I’m still investigating whether I can make a move on Profession X, albeit a year later than planned, and thus what I would do with that interim year for love and money. In lieue of anything more exciting to say, have some more links containing exciting stuff written by other people šŸ™‚

Tanya L Roth is another ex-academic who made the jump into high-school teaching straight after finishing her PhD in history. There’s some stuff on her blog about that transition, but also lots about her new job. Tanya’s the type of person I was thinking of a few months back when I was writing about everyday heroes; not a major celebrity but just a regular person who made that shift out of the academy into a new – and important! – career.

– On everyday life, JC is writing about what her life looks like now in a ‘for now’ job ([one], [two]). Beyond the fact that I love reading about people’s descriptions of their working lives* I think this is SO important. One of the biggest fears that I suspect a lot of folks leaving academia is quite what their new lives will be like, and seeing the rich detail of what there is – friendly co-workers, regular paychecks and weekends filled with friends, food and relaxing. The flipside of this is Currer Bell’s recent posts about how her first post-academic job isn’t working out for her – but again, it’s good to see the detail about why things aren’t brilliant and what she might look for next.

– Captain Awkward writes an excellent eponymous advice column, and her recent one on job hunting has lots of excellent stuff in it which applies to the post-academic world. There’s also some interesting stuff in the comments about how a menial job can be good for mental health (for a while), which adds to other debates about ‘jobs for now’ and ‘careers’ which I’ve seen flying around.

*And no, Profession X isn’t ‘career advisor’ but don’t think I haven’t thought about it…