Not waving, not drowning

Not waving, not drowning

Oh gosh, so I’ve got so many ‘hello I am still alive’ unfinished posts written, I thought I would just blitz though this one and get it posted up.

So yes, I am still here and still not crushed to death by a pile of ‘Journal of Outrageous Neoliberal Education Outputs’. It’s been an interesting few months – the endgame of my project is in sight, which means that we are all now scrambling like mad to write up the final report, policy pieces, journal articles etc etc. And of course, this being academia means that there is no way in hell we’ll finish all of this before the funding ends so our higher-ups are now scrambling for more money to pay us all whilst the Writing Tunnel looms…

…which means that my neat deadline to get out by the summer is unlikely to happen. Add to that that I have one gigantic piece of other work to get done by the autumn too, a book based on my PhD, and – yeah, I’m wholly in agreement with the person somewhere else online who described academia as the zombie that grabs your ankle to pull you back just when you think you’ve escaped (though surely that is the end of Carrie too?). Oh yes and also, I’ve been getting the usual very dull and mundane worries about whether I’m actually qualified to get a proper and relatively interesting job in the ‘real’ world, stuff which a lot of other bloggers have covered in far more interesting/less emo detail. WOE. For now I will carry on writing, watching trashy movies to lift the gloom and pretend that it isn’t January.

*Hilarious joke for my UK readers.