Who are you? I’m Dr Piglet, currently a postdoctoral researcher. I want to get the hell out of academia. This is my “journey”.

What do you write about? The reasons why I want to get the hell out. The process by which I’m trying to get the hell out. Also, piglets.

What won’t you write about? Personal individual stuff. Specifics about other people. I’m trying to tread that fine line between making this a useful and informative resource for folks in a similar situation, and being busted a la Dooce.

Are you an actual piglet? In spirit – I take my inspiration from Oatmeal Pig, a piglet so keen to get oatmeal that he breaknecks it down many perilous steps to bellyflop into a bowl of oatmeal. I imagine that my journey out of the academy will not be dissimilar.

You can email me at doctorpiglet101@gmail.com!